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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Fall Ball

Today was the first day of "Fall Ball" although it was more like summer ball.  But the team played well.  It was a close game and they won by 2 runs.  Tyson played well and it is always lots of fun to be there and watch.  Logan started football today, but I decided to stay home.  It was pretty hot.  Here are a few pictures.
Here is the grandpa club watching their grandsons.
They played closed to the copper mine.
Here's Tyson getting ready for a nice little hit.
5-3 win and high fives for all.  It's always nice to see the grands succeed!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Logan: His BIG DAY!

So I have to say it is taking all afternoon to do these posts because my computer keeps turning itself off.  I hate this computer.  I mean when it works, I love it, but when it has it's little days, I hate it.  I have never had  a computer do this before!  And I don't like it.  Anyways,  I am going to try one more time to post Logan's baptism!  I hope we don't have another crash.  Here goes, saving every little addition!

Baptizer and baptizee!  Don't they look happy!  Yeah, such a very special day!
Proud mama!
The GUYS.  Aren't my grandsons handsome!!

The whole family!  One more baptism to go!
The program is about to start!  The audience waits with baited breath.
The Great-grands are also here.

And the cousins!
And here is the family.  Or many of them, at least!
Food glorious, food!
There's all those strawberries I sliced up!  Just wanted you to know!  There were many pints of those babies!

Baseball Tournament Heber Valley

Here are some shots of the baseball games in Heber.  Although we lost, it was fun, hot and nice.  It was the 4th of July, by the way, and this is the "Great American Pastime", no?
Getting some coaching.

Tyson at bat.
The 4th of July fashionista!  Notice the stripes and the patriotic bow extending beneath the blonde fireworks on top of her head!  Yes, a true fashion statement!  There were also girls with large black moustaches in the spectator area, as well!  Also a patriotic group!
Having fun at the pond, in more ways than one...
Then another game.  Well, that was the 4th of July.  In a nutshell and then I had to go home and slice strawberries.  Now that's another story!  Or the next blog update.  I have been very busy with that today!

Birthday Twins

So my mom turned 85 and my grandson turned 4 on the same day.  We spent the evening at the Golden Corral and had "all you can eat".  They still serve the best rolls there!
Birthday singers.  Grayson and Omi are being 'serenaded' to.  Grayson is loving it!
Presents are always fun!
So a shared birthday cake moment as they both blow out their "own" candles. Can you imagine if the cake had a combination of 85 and 4 candles- 89 total on it!  My house would have gone up in smoke or at least the smoke alarm would have blown a gasket!
Birthday kids!
Four generations of girls in the same genealogical line.
A photo bomber, of course!!  And we all know who this is!
And all the men/boys.  Of different genealogical lines.  This was their silly shot.  Tyson is making a face, of sorts.  I tried to get my dad to smile.  But oh well...

Utah, put your "pretty" on.

So after yesterday's baseball tourney in Heber, we went to eat at the Soldier Hollow Grill which is at a golf course.  I had two Restaurant.com coupons that were really good ones, so since we were in the area, and I had no great goals of cooking after a long hot day...

A little shot of the Heber Creeper.
Soldier Hollow was a 2002 Olympics venue.  This was inside the restaurant.
2002 Olympic sign.
The ride home is very nice.

Got Worms???

Yeah, 'nuf said...

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Logan: It's Great to be Eight!!!!

Logan had his 8th birthday and he got some good stuff!  Also the trip to Green Bay to see the Packers and have a clinic.  But yes, he had a fun day!

Oh yeah!

Dinner at grandma Arden's and a shared birthday dinner with Aunt Kobie!
Navajo tacos for all and gifts and fun.

Keepin' da Peace!

A couple of games ago, I was checking on Grayson and caught this cuteness!  Calm down guys, it's OK.  Just take a deep breath!
See it's all better now!

Ice Cream Social

Everyone had a nice break and some fun at the Ward Ice Cream and pie social.  Everyone visited, relaxed and enjoyed themselves.

A little tumble for Gray, but a friend helps out.