Dancers from Krakow

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Random Texas Pics.

I don't remember exactly where we saw this, I need Sarah Reveley to answer all my questions.  But this is a courthouse that is being renovated.  Here are a few more random shots.

The San Antonio River.
Brewing up a little Texas Tea!
Baling hay the Polish way!

Helena, TX. courthouse.  Inside top level is a little school room.  I have some pictures of it from my last trip here.  This time it closed at 4:00 pm and we arrived around 5:00.  :(
Helena's little jail cell.  I suspect I'd be a little toasty in there!
Historical marker of the ghost town, Helena.  But with the oil boom, it may have a 2nd life!
An interesting walking bridge in the residential part of San Antonio.  It looks like trees.
The San Antonio Zoo train, the Brackenridge train and Brackenridge park.
An escapee from the zoo.
The old Pearl Brewery.  Named after a German brewery "Perle".
More of the Pearl Brewery buildings.

At the Pearl area shopping stores.  Jamie is enjoying the shopping part...can ya tell?
A mariachi? and his wife???
Sunbathing.  Isn't he cute!
The Quarry golf course.  Yes, this was a limestone quarry and now it's a golf course!

Driving in the hill country of Texas.  Not quite like the Utah Rockies, but pretty, none-the-less!
And we arrive in the German town of Fredricksburg.  And Here is the Bavarian Inn.
Fredricksburg is a very old, quaint town, and it reminded me so much of Cooperstown, NY while we were there last summer with all the cute shops, etc!
Most of the buildings in Texas, at least this part, are all made of limestone.  You saw the quarry above!
The German Lutheran Church in Fredricksburg looks much like the church in Seiffen, Germany, don't you think? The Seiffen church is often portrayed in wood carvings. This church is called the Vereins Kirche.

Fredricksburg is sister city of Montabaur in Germany.
I was not able to satisfy my Amish shopping fettish here!  We walked nearly 7 blocks from where we parked in the blazing heat to find out that the store was closed.  Oh so disappointed!  It said on the sign that they were observing the Sabbath in the Amish way which was observed on Saturday!  I had never heard that before.  I thought they observed on Sunday...

I like old buildings...what can I say...
This is really random!!! a open building in the German town of Boerne with nothing in it except the fish pond with Japanese Koi.  Water looks a bit murky, no?
Do you recognize these?  They look real familiar!
Jamie spotted this little gem. A grandma Nishimoto special!
Pink Depression glassware!  Now you know who has some of this???
From the 1930's.

More of the old buildings.  Like them, they have some class!
After the long Texas day, we went to a 50's diner and had some home style cooking in San Antonio. or was it Alamo Heights??
It was a cute atmosphere.
So now we're back and here are the goodies...heavy suitcase, as always!

Now that was the last picture I will post, I am done with my Texas posts.  Now a random question for you to answer:

In which Texas town was Dr. Pepper invented????

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Dziuk's Meat Market, Castroville, TX

It isn't just any old meat market, it's the Dziuk meat market!  So since these owners are descendants of Jan Dziuk and therefore related, I had to go and get my stuff!
Here is their business card:
When I saw pictures previously, it was quite a bit smaller than how I saw it last Thursday.  Here are some pictures of the market.

Here is what you see as you walk through the front door.

Had my flash on and it made a nice star for the Lone Star state!
Bought some goodies, a t-shirt or 3 and BBQ sauce and Jerky and pickles here all with the Dziuk brand.  Well, not actually their brand, but their logo!
Here is the new facade.
After our visit to Dziuk's we found a little restaurant nearby... I don't remember the name of it, but across the street was a little memorial park.

And on the other side of the street was a rustic looking museum.
Decisions, decisions....

Monday, September 1, 2014

The San Antonio Missions

It is always fun for me to see old historical things,  and the old missions really fit the bill.  And they kind of remind me of old European castles.  Really!  So we went to see several and here they are!

Here is the San Juan mission.

We were surprised to find out that someone, probably the priest, still lives in the house on the left.  Must be a bit rough...
Still a functioning church.
Then below you will see the aquaduct.  I am sure Sarah had a better word for it, but I don't remember it.  This is how the different missions got their water supply, from this.  I kind of have to relate today, as our culinary pipes out by the water meter sprung a leak and we have to have it fixed tomorrow.  Water is coming out from our water main and I am wondering if it is safe to use.  I look at this water and wonder what they thought about it or did about it?
Below, the next mission on our journey back in time:  Mission Espada.

And what mission is complete without it's church.  As you can see by the scaffolding, this one is getting a facelift!
And the next one is Mission San Jose!
And here is another pic of the same mission:
Below you will see a picture of the local bed and breakfast.  You will be staying in the 2nd room from the left.  Be aware, there are no windows...
But the lovely limestone walls are an added attraction and you will see in the next picture that a communal cook stove has been provided with chimney!
Not far from your room is the church, within walking distance!  And a lovely shady spot for your family picnic has been provided!  Enjoy!
A lovely Senorita/Senora is ready for church in the pic below:
And last but not least, one last mission, whose name I have forgotten.  Sarah will know and I will ask her!
But here it is!
that's all for this post.  I still have some more posts that I will put up.  But I have been doing this all day and I am exhausted!